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st. croix ems – Logo

February 20, 2014
  • Client:
    St. Croix EMS & Rescue
  • Project Name:
  • Total Project Duration:
    1 week

St. Croix EMS’s print logo includes elements from the surrounding area of their district. For the 3D animated version of their logo, they wanted to see some motion within the logo design. Our animator gave life to their logo by taking the elements of the design and building them in 3D space as individual objects and then flew the 3D camera through the logo. The print logo was rotoscoped (traced) in 3D space, where our animator was then able to create a 3-dimesional object from the rotoscope. The final animation was rendered with an alpha-channel, which allows our editor to place the animated logo over live-action video as well as use the logo as a full screen graphic.