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St. Croix EMS & Rescue – “When Minutes Count.”

February 20, 2014
  • Client:
    St. Croix EMS & Rescue
  • Project Name:
    When Minutes Count
  • Total Project Duration:
    Two Years

This production was directed towards three different audiences. Firstly, it was designed as a marketing tool to be used by SCEMS to obtain additional funding from governmental agencies for operational expenses. Secondly, it serves as an informational piece to be used in the recruitment of new EMT’s and Paramedics. Thirdly, it is used to better inform the communities served as to the capabilities of St. Croix EMS & Rescue.

Randolph Mantooth, star of the 1970’s NBC hit series “Emergency” narrated this video. In the industry, Mantooth is an icon of the EMS profession. Emergency is credited with the rapid acceptance of the modern EMS system that remains in place to this day.